Australia Xiangqi Federation


The predecessor of Australia Xiangqi Federation is Melbourne Xiangqi Association,which was founded in 1988 by xiangqi fans in Melbourne and Mr Lok Yin was elected its first president. In 1993, it changed its name to Australia Xiangqi Federation and joined the World Xiangqi Federation (WXF). Mr Wong Chung Kit was the then president. 

The year end of 1995 saw the increase of membership with xiangqi fans from Sydney and Canberra joining our fold. The Australia Xiangqi Federation became a joint organisation, true to its name, uniting all xiangqi clubs in Australia.

The Federation holds a National Open Xiangqi Championship annually in either Melbourne or Sydney, through which players are selected to represent the country in major international xiangqi competitions. In this two cities, xiangqi Challenge-the-Master matches organised during the Lunar New Year festival in China towns always draw a big crowd of audience, and arouse the interest of the non-Chinese residents in the game. In recent years, the xiangqi competition featured during the annual Multi-Cultural Festival in Canberra has also become an cultural event supported by the Government.

Since 1993, Australia Xiangqi Federation has been taking part in all major international xiangqi competitions and has achieved numerous encouraging results. Our men`s team won the 6th place in the Asian Championship 2004. In the women`s camp, FM & AGM Diana Hong Chan , FM Huang ZiJun and FM Liu BiJun had made it to the 3rd place in past World Championships. Moreover, Diana Hong Chang was the runner-up in the Women Division, Asian Xiangqi Championship 2002. Most gratifying is that our 3 amazons grasped a Silver in the Women`s Team event in the 1st World Mind Sports Games, Beijing 2008. The only piece of medal for the entire Australian contingent!

Several players of the Federation have been awarded xiangqi titles for their excellent performances in international competitions. They are: Andrew Yan, Asian Xiangqi Grand Master; Zhang Gao Yang & Hung Tu To, Asian Master; Diana Hong Chang, Asian Grand Master. In addition, Diana Hong Chang, Huang Zi Jun and Liu Bi Jun have been awarded the title of Federation Master by WXF.

Besides participating in the various competitions, the Federation also invites players from other countries, in particulars China on several occasions, for friendly games. The visit by the Chinese xiangqi team in 1998, led by IGM Hu Ronghua and IGM Xu Yinchuan, was indeed a great morale booster to the xiangqi fraternity in Australia.

The Australia Xiangqi Federation is the only national xiangqi organisation recognised by the WXF. Its objectives are: to develop the Chinese culture, to promote xiangqi in Australia, to organise and develop xiangqi activities, and to foster friendships among xiangqi enthusiasts of all nations.